Jeremy Powell, Co Founder and Director of InTown Ltd

Liam Delaney, Co Founder of InTown Ltd

Jeremy Powell, Co Founder and Director of InTown Ltd

Jeremy Powell started his property journey twenty years ago.
Today, he has a residential portfolio of over 100 properties.
Jeremy’s experience managing a large and diverse portfolio
through good times and bad, gives real value to InTown’s clients.

Before venturing into property, Jeremy worked in the global IT
industry. With offices in London, Canada and Hong Kong, he
successfully started and ran a trading company, which turned over
£150 million before being sold. The profits were ploughed into
Jeremy’s main passion: residential property.

I started my journey buying apartments in Chelsea, renting some properties, and renovating and selling others. Despite making good gains, after a few years I wanted better rental yields so began buying in other areas of the country. Having multiple properties in different areas was great for diversity but brought its own unique set of problems, which I have been solving ever since.” 

Liam Delaney, Co Founder of InTown Ltd

Liam trained as an electrician and his hard work and dedication has
won him contracts with some of the largest block management
companies in London. He has gone on to build a solid maintenance
team and a successful design and build company, who are continually in demand and are now dedicated to the needs of InTown’s clients.

It occurred to me that there must be landlords with properties in different locations, who don’t want to take on staff or be full-time property managers. I built a maintenance team to cater to their requirements.

John Strickland

I’ve had 10 years experience working in the property industry in a variety of roles and environments from residential, property alterations to developments.


In each, I was able to increase revenue and margin through his keen market awareness and often through implementing innovative changes in the portfolio structure. My direct approach opened up new contacts and business relationships in the South East and North East of the UK. 


I’ve  held responsibility for the management and control of businesses, and devised and developed strategies to assess and implement solutions to business needs, through my proactive and positive approach.


I understand the identification, management and mitigation of business and financial risks.  I have implemented structured risk management regimes and have briefed senior management on their responsibilities for risk reduction. 


My work is reasoned, reliable and innovative, creating a high level of trust and loyalty from tenants, landlords and professionals.  

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